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We would like to announce that we are an authorized dealer for Whalens Hooker release


We stand behind our products 100% and to prove that JBK bowstrings is now offering a 24 month guarantee against creep and serving seperation .The only servings that are not covered under this guarantee is the center servings and end loops..The reason for this is we can not control how d-loops,nock sets etc are installed,also the end loops are built to allow for proper install.Although care still needs to used when installing and removing then during the tuning process.   This becomes effective from the day you receive your strings. We will repair or replace the bowstring or cable at no cost to you. Should you have a issue with string or cable, we ask that you return it to us so we can get you back up and running as soon as possible. 

Also if your string or cable's are not the right length we ask that you contact us to discuss the lengths and make arrangements for the return of the item in question.Once we receive the item in question we will then measure the item at 100lbs for 20 seconds this is according to the AMO spec.Should you product be short or long we will replace it for you.

JBK Bowstrings uses only the highest quality material from BCY,  the (NEW BCY X) pre-stretched bowstring materials to make our bowstrings. All strings are served with 2x, 3D.All cables will be served with halo.

View our photo gallery for pictures of our work and color combination's.

JBK bowstrings offers a set for anyone