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Here are some questions about JBK Strings



Are your bowstrings pre-stretched?


What materials do you use?

We use BCY products exclusively except for the center serving, we are currently using PowerGrip.

How long does it take to make the bowstrings?

Normally 5-8 business days,although during the busy season or sales it may take a little bit longer.If you are in a rush please call before placing your order.

Does the quoted price include S&H?

No at this time we are charging $5.95 for priority within the continental US,Internationals sales the cost is $10.00 First Class.

Does your strings/cables come with a guarantee?

Yes we give an 24 month guarantee on strings and servings from the date you receive your bowstrings.

How do I measure my bowstrings and cables to order?

First look on your bow limb for a manufactures decal with string sizes or see our measuring instructions page for details.

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